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Gina Jackson

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Pilates4Fitness Movement Space is a boutique fitness studio serving the community residents of Guttenberg, Weehawken, Edgewater, North Bergen, Cliffside Park and West New York. Located on the lower level of the Mall at the Galaxy, the studio provides an array of private, semi-private and group class offerings for men and women of all shapes and sizes that seek a disciplined, classical approach to health and fitness.

Gina Jackson

Gina Jackson, Director/Owner is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and a NY Power Pilates Certified Instructor. She maintains a regular weekly workout within the Pilates studio in addition to enjoying Hot Vinyasa regularly in Hoboken/Jersey City, NJ.  With the opening of the Pilates4Fitness Movement Space,  she has combined a love and passion for Pilates and traditional strength and conditioning with a few “non-traditional” body movement tools.
A classically trained Pilates Teacher, Gina and has been teaching along the Gold Coast of Hudson and Bergen County, NJ for more than ten years. Certified by Power Pilates of New York, Gina has trained with Master Teachers Bob Liekens, Susan Moran, Kathy Corey, Alycea Ungaro; Senior Teachers Alison Laundrie and Juliet Harvey, and has enjoyed listening and learning from the personal stories of Joe Pilates as told by Pilates Elders, Kathy Grant and Lolita San Miguel.
To keep it all together, Pilates, Strength, Fitness & Health remain lifelong pursuits and endeavors. While the use of the body, its structure and muscles are exactly the same, traditional strength training and Pilates fitness training are distinctly different disciplines.

As a Pilates Method Alliance member, she offers a challenging workout to all students and works with men and women of all ages, sizes and shapes. In addition to managing/teaching in the Pilates4Fitness Movement Space, she has enjoyed teaching as a Guest Instructor in caribbean resorts of Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.
Gina manages a private personal training business supporting a myriad of clients, teaching all to honor their health, strength and life with the principles of Pilates at its core. On the personal side, she plays hard, laughs loudly, works with a Canon G5 digital camera and is crazy about social media connections.

Discover Pilates Movement

A Full Array of Pilates Classes & Movements

Pilates Training can and will benefit your overall health and sense of well-being in many ways. While it certainly helps with physical problems, you will find many other positive rewards when you start integrating Pilates into your exercise program. For example, take a moment and read a few of the comments from the people & faces you see rewarding themselves with Pilates below.
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Group Mat
Group TRX

A Full Array of Pilates Core Movements

Benefits of a Pilates Program

Whether you choose to work on the Reformer or in a Group Class on the Mat, with consistency you will enjoy these benefits from Pilates.
Semi-Private Reformer Session

Semi-Private Reformer Session

Strong Core Workout
Pilates focuses on strengthening your deep abdominal muscles, your back and your butt. This results in greater pelvic stability and less likelihood that you will sustain an injury in your back. You will also enjoy having a flat, toned and sleek tummy.
Improved Posture
Pilates works to lengthen the spinal compression that you might be developing, especially as you grow older or spend long hours hunched over in front of a computer. Pilates encourages you to lengthen the back of your neck and to slide your shoulder blades back and down; encouraging better postural alignment and helping you to stand and sit straighter and taller.
Increased Strength and Flexibility
When you are doing Pilates, you are simultaneously strengthening and stretching your muscles. This gives your joints greater range of motion and also helps prevents injuries.


Longer and Leaner Muscles
Pilates exercises work the entire body, elongating the muscle as you move it with precision and control. The result is, your body has a longer, leaner look.
Improved Mind Body Connection
Pilates is not a mindless activity. There is a very strong focus on deep breathing. You perform certain moves as you inhale, while others as you exhale. This fosters a greater awareness about how you can integrate deep breathing and movement into positive body control.
Safe for Everyone
Pilates is a gentle, low impact workout. In every class, you are given a modification to address your own unique level of strength, flexibility, and fitness. With the proper instruction, it is safe for seniors, for those who are physically challenged, and also those who are recovering from injuries.
Group Pilates Mat

Group Pilates Mat

Strengthen & Lengthen with Pilates

Testimonials tell the personal story

Personal Attention

Every student gets a lot of individualized attention which encourages me to give it my 120% and gives me confidence that I am gaining the most benefit from what I am doing.
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Katerina Meytin, Guttenberg

Katerina Meytin, Guttenberg

Reshaped Myself

Pilates and Gina have helped in reshaping me and are helping me build strength and flexibility for my daily work, while handling my 2-year old. I feel so much more active now.
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Mamta Chaturvedi, Guttenberg

Mamta Chaturvedi, Guttenberg

Challenging & Satisfying

The only reason I wake up at 5am to come workout is because of your energy, creativity, and passion each and every time. I truly look forward to your classes – never the same, sometimes exhausting, always challenging, and most importantly – so very satisfying. Lucky to be able to move and flow with you week after week.
Elisa Garcia, North Bergen

Elisa Garcia, North Bergen

Wonderful Transformation

Gina and her training program are excellent. I’ve been physically active for many years and now working with Gina and the TRX I have seen a real and wonderful transformation that I did not think possible. It builds core strength, muscle tone and confidence in your body’s ability to get lean and strong! Its a must!
Cynthia P., Guttenberg

Cynthia P., Guttenberg

Small & Intimate

Gina is motivational and an inspiration, and she challenges us in a different way every class. Something I truly appreciate is the small, intimate size of the class – working it out with others but with a lot of personal attention. This class has changed the way I go about my daily activities, I realize now how important it is to engage your core with every move which not only strengthens your core, but prevents over-straining of other muscles.
Juiena Rahman, Englewood Cliffs

Juiena Rahman, Englewood Cliffs

Thank You

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you in my life. When I started with you a few months ago, I needed guidance in many areas. Not only are you training me in Pilates but you have been guiding me with my nutrition. Needless to say, I feel like I have made great changes and it shows.  Thanks for being my “cheerleader.”
Tali, M., Edgewater

Tali, M., Edgewater

Never Boring

I have worked with Gina for 2 years, and specifically in this Bare Cardio class for 1 year and it is amazing. Gina is the perfect instructor – always motivating & looking for ways to challenge you. She never lets the class get repetitive or boring – every week, she challenges the class with different moves or variations. This class has improved my strength & stamina – most specifically my core muscles. Gina is constantly letting us know if we’re performing a move incorrectly or can get added benefit by doing a move differently – something that I have always struggled to find in other instructors. It’s a tough class but it’s worth it…especially with swimsuit season just around the corner!
Diane Eng, Weehawken

Diane Eng, Weehawken

Cancer Survivor

Gina is an amazing fitness instructor who has completely changed my body over our time together. As a young adult cancer survivor, I started working with Gina last February as part of my overall recovery physically and mentally. I came into her studio with a fragile body and spirit, but she has pushed me past limits I never imagined possible, even before my diagnosis. Her warm smile paired with her no-bullshit attitude is the perfect combination for a personal trainer. The workouts are constantly evolving and layered into the multiple disciplines she teaches. Also, the space is beautiful and the music is always spot-on for the class in session. I cannot sing her praises enough! So get that ass in class!
Jeff Vicente, West New York

Jeff Vicente, West New York

Enjoyable Workout

This studio and teacher are fantastic! This is an invigorating workout that leaves you feeling great. The small classes allow for the instructor to really correct and direct you in ways that mimic personal trainer sessions. The class is run incredibly efficiently and your workout time will be productive. The facility is clean and cool, making for an enjoyable workout experience.
Lee T., North Bergen

Lee T., North Bergen

Great Change from the Gym!

I have been taking Gina’s Pilates class for about a year now. It is a great change from the gym. Gina is a great instructor and continues to change up the class so you don’t get bored. The class is challenging, but Is worth it. I have completely noticed a change in my body, more definition and I’m definitely more flexible. I highly recommend Pilates4Fitness!
Erin B, Edgewater

Erin B, Edgewater

“Leaves You Feeling Great!”

Movement Tools& Resources

Mats & Circles

Extra Long, Extra Thick Yoga Mat:  A very nice, extra long and thick mat (1/4″ vs 1/8″) that I like a lot. Plain black mat; the same mat used in the studio. Also comes in Blue or Purple.
Magic Circle:  All my students love this magic circle because of the cushion on both sides of the ring. Making it easy to work with during mat class on both the ankles, hands and wrists to engage the muscle pressing toward or away from the midline.


Stick-e: comfort and support for wrists, knees, ankles, elbows and more during weight bearing exercises.
WAGS: Wrist Assured Gloves Yoga, Pilates and Fitness exercises require you to support weight on your hands, often causing wrist strain and pain. WAGs are your wrist pain solution for Biking, Pilates, Strength Training, TRX & Yoga.
ToeSox: Whether used on the yoga mat, dance floor, pilates mat or equipment, your feet will love the treatment from these socks. With the same patented non-slip sole of the full toe grip socks, these half toe socks allow toes to have tactile sensitivity to the surface for a more barefoot feeling.
Dance Shoes: Alera’s Acro Shoe is constructed of full grain soft leather. Features a spandex gore inset for superior fit, an elastic heel cup, a padded microfiber insole for comfort, and a leather sole with rubber ball and heel inserts for traction and control. These are the shoes I used in the studio.


Nufoot: is reinventing indoor footwear, where comfort and style coexist to make for happier feet. Made with the latest sports technology, Nufoot is water-resistant, germ-proof, anti-microbial and super comfortable. These are the new shoes I wear in the studio.

What Can You Do After You Leave the Studio?

Here are a few short clips to help you continue to practice, stretch and move  until we meet again on the Mat.


Tease Gravity with Movement

Fees Rates & Resources

Private Sessions Pilates or TRX Sessions
Semi-Private Sessions
Orbit Duet Sessions
TRX Group Sessions
Group Mat Work Sessions


    • All sessions require a reservation to ensure equipment and calendar availability.
    • 3 Session Packages expire within 21 days of purchase.
    • 5 Session Packages expire within 45 days of purchase.
    • 10 Session Packages expire within 90 days of purchase.
    • Move and flow consistently for maximum health and benefit.
    • Classes and sessions are 55 minutes in length.
    • Group Classes will be adjusted to 40 minutes when there are less than three (3) attendees.

Visit the Schedule of Classes to reserve a slot for the class/session of your choice.

Pre-Paid Gift Cards are available for purchase.  Give to yourself or a loved one!

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