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Jeff V.

Gina is an amazing fitness instructor who has completely changed my body over our time together. As a young adult cancer survivor, I started working with Gina last February as part of my overall recovery physically and mentally.  I came into her studio with a fragile body and spirit, but she has pushed me past limits I never imagined possible, even before my diagnosis. Her warm smile paired with her no-bullshit attitude is the perfect combination for a personal trainer.  The workouts are constantly evolving and layered into the multiple disciplines she teaches.  Also, the space is beautiful and the music is always spot-on for the class in session. I cannot sing her praises enough!

December 31, 2014

Juiena Rahman

Gina is motivational and an inspiration, and she challenges us in a different way every class. Something I truly appreciate is the small, intimate size of the class - working it out with others but with a lot of personal attention.  This class has changed the way I go about my daily activities (when I bend down to pick something up, walk up a staircase, etc.). I realize now how important it is to engage your core with every move which not only strengthens your core, but prevents over-straining of other muscles.


December 31, 2014

Silvia Ciceri

I really like Pilates and doing it with Gina is a great experience! I always got bored in gyms but Pilates is different: it is a lot about focus, balance and working on your core ...you feel immediately, the great effects on your body. I strongly recommend it.

August 15, 2016

Margaret Min

I've been coming for almost a year and I'm hooked! Gina offers both private and group sessions. I love them much I try to have lessons with her at least two or three times a week. The group classes are very small (cap at 4 I believe) so you get a lot of attention from her who watch your form. Gina is an amazing instructor who will make you do the work and sweat!

July 10, 2017