Pilates4Fitness Movement Space | Testimonials
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Alexis W.

I've been attending classes with Gina since June 2015 and can attest not only the power of Pilates but the incredible difference an instructor makes. She makes Pilates less intimidating, taking time to spend with each student. The classes always feel intimate and Gina's continued attention to detail has made a difference in my body, weight and self esteem. She whips you into shape with ease and the classes are actually enjoyable.  Just when you think you've got all the moves, she shakes up the class and challenges you. It's something I always look forward to doing! I highly highly recommend any class - you won't regret it.

Alexis W. December 30, 2015

Cynthia P.

Gina and her training programs are excellent. I've been physically active for many years and now working with Gina and the TRX I have seen a real and wonderful transformation that I did not think possible.  It builds core strength, muscle tone and confidence in your body's ability to get lean & strong!  Its a must!

December 31, 2014

Diane Eng

I have worked with Gina for 2 years, and specifically in this Bare Cardio class for 1 year and it is amazing.  Gina is the perfect instructor - always motivating and looking for ways to challenge you. She never lets the class get repetitive or boring - every week, she challenges the class with different moves or variations.  This class has improved my strength and stamina - most specifically my core muscles. Gina is constantly letting us know if we're performing a move incorrectly or can get added benefit by doing a move differently - something that I have always struggled to find in other instructors.  It's a tough class but it's worth it.

December 31, 2014

Lee T.

This studio and teacher are fantastic! This is an invigorating workout that leaves you feeling great. The small classes allow for the instructor to really correct and direct you in ways that mimic personal trainer sessions. The class is run incredibly efficiently and your workout time will be productive. The facility is clean and cool, making for an enjoyable workout experience.


December 31, 2014