Pilates4Fitness Movement Space | Small Group TRX
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Small Group TRX

  • pilates, exercise, fitness, pilates4fitness
  • pilates, pilates4fitness, exercise, fitness, workout
  • pilates, pilates4fitness, exercise, workout, fitness
Group Class
About This Project

TRX Suspension is a favorite tool used within the studio for body-weight resistance training. TRX Flow workout helps students to define the muscles of the body, stabilize the core and experience an empowering workout that is very complimentary to the Pilates apparatus and Pilates Mat.

TRX Strength is a very popular class and a great way to begin – at the beginning – with the TRX equipment. It is unique nonetheless as the class adds a Pilates spin to the generic TRX movements. Please use the Class Schedule to find the right program, time and workout for you.