Pilates4Fitness Movement Space | Private Session Pilates
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Private Session Pilates

Private & Semi-Private Session
About This Project

Private session training is a crucial layer of mind/body training and provides individualized, quality attention to you and your movements.


Whether a beginner or advanced student of Pilates, whether you are resuming your program after a hiatus or cross-training your exercise discipline, private training will give you the focused, personal attention necessary to develop, refine and “own” your practice in your body, on your time and with your personal circumstances.  Session work will involve classic and traditional Pilates apparatus and/or utilize other studio tools and equipment for a full and complete mind/body movement workout.


Consider our Introduction to Pilates and book three (3) private sessions and three (3) group mat classes to get started with your training. The deal is a great one!  To schedule a semi-private session, a minimum of 3-5 private sessions are required prior to scheduling a session with a friend.