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Benefits of Pilates Fitness Training

  • Pilates Fitness, Pilates4Fitness
    Strong Core Workout

    Pilates focuses on strengthening your deep abdominal muscles, your back and your butt. This results in greater pelvic stability and less likelihood that you will sustain an injury in your back. You will also enjoy having a flat, toned and sleek tummy.

  • Pilates Fitness, Pilates4Fitness
    Improved Posture

    Pilates works to lengthen the spinal compression that might be developing, as it encourages you to lengthen the back of your neck and to slide your shoulder blades back and down; encouraging better postural alignment and helping you to stand and sit straighter and taller.

  • Pilates Fitness, Pilates4Fitness
    Increased Strength & Flexibility

    When you are doing Pilates, you are simultaneously strengthening and stretching your muscles. This gives your joints greater range of motion and also helps prevents injuries so all your fitness movement activities are improved.

  • Pilates Fitness, Pilates4Fitness
    Longer & Leaner Muscles

    Pilates exercises work the entire body, elongating the muscle as you movewith precision and control. The result is your body has a longer, leaner look. You create more balance and symmetry to your body and movements.

  • Pilates Fitness, Pilates4Fitness
    Mind-Body Connection

    Pilates is not a mindless activity. There is a very strong focus on deep breathing. You perform certain moves as you inhale, while others as you exhale. This fosters a greater awareness about how you can integrate deep breathing and movement into positive body control.



Pilates fitness training provides benefits to your overall health and sense of well-being in many ways. While it certainly helps with physical problems, you will find many other positive rewards when you start integrating Pilates into your exercise program.  Why not check out a  few of the comments from the people & faces you see rewarding themselves with Pilates in the studio.  Great testimonials to the method of Pilates fitness training.  Sign Up for a class and get started!


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Pilates4Fitness Movement Space is a boutique fitness studio serving the community of Guttenberg, Weehawken, Edgewater, North Bergen, Cliffside Park and West New York. The studio provides an array of private, semi-private and group class offerings for men and women of all shapes and sizes that seek a disciplined, classical approach to health and fitness.